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Hand-tufted in the Pinton factory workshops, this wool Aubusson rug will add a colorful touch to interiors, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Inspired by the R.F. seal and the Pinton logo, this design, both original and timeless, is a nod to the Élysée party hall, for which the PINTON factory manufactured the carpet in 2018.


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Aubusson carpet

Technique: hand-tufted

Tufting is a manufacturing technique where the scale 1 pattern is transferred by hand onto a canvas stretched over a frame. The implantation of the wires, strand by strand, is carried out manually by a gun on the back of the canvas. This process requires expertise, mastery of gestures and in-depth knowledge of the materials.


Maintenance on a new carpet:

Use a very soft brush in the direction of the hair.

Brush the carpet moderately in the direction of the pile.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner for the first ten weeks.

Maintenance after first ten weeks:

Beater vacuum cleaner: check that the parts of the vacuum cleaner in contact with the carpet are perfectly polished

Hard brushes: permitted, with the exception of brooms or brushes made from rice straw, birch trees, etc.

Always brush/vacuum in the direction of the hair.

Cleaning :

A thorough cleaning every five weeks depending on the degree of wear of the carpet will be more than sufficient.

It is imperative to use non-ionic surfactants operating at an almost neutral PH for cleaning.

For a deeper cleaning, contact a carpet cleaning specialist.

Stains: remove them as quickly as possible with a commercial stain remover* to prevent them from becoming impregnated.

*Avoid overly generous applications of solvent (Tetrachloride, Ether, etc.) so that they do not attack the latex coating of the backrest.

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60 x 120 cm
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