Tea Kusmi Tea x Élysée - Case of 24 packets

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What could be better than a «Breakfast at the Élysée» to start the day well? Green tea and mate mix with notes of lemon and lemongrass, for an organic, fruity and tonic recipe.

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Elysée entrusts the elaboration of its tea to Kusmi Tea: organic ingredients from the four corners of the world combined in a recipe Made in France, assembled and conditioned close to Le Havre.


Certified organic by Ecocert

Kusmi Tea Élysée


About Kusmi Tea :

The know-how of Kusmi Tea lies in the creation of new and original tastes developed by their teams thanks to a perfect knowledge of the natural aromas from the best fruits, flowers and spices. Thus, for more than 150 years, they work every day to reinvent their tea house to make this experience ever more amazing.


To do this, they carefully develop and manufacture quality products in their French workshops and share their creations and know-how around the world.