Organic and fair trade Coffee beans - 220g - Malongo x Élysée

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Discover the notes of red fruits, apricot and liquorice in this complex blend of a 100% Arabica ground coffee Elysée x Malongo. A small producers' coffee, organic and fair trade, roasted in Carros, on the French Riviera.


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To make this unique coffee, Malongo has selected three Arabicas emblematic of its range: Mexico, Ethiopia and Laos.


Ethiopia: the cradle of arabica coffee

Mexico: the origins of fair trade

Laos: the coffee of the boloven plateau


In keeping with Malongo’s values, these coffees are all from fair trade and organic farming. A QR CODE placed on the side of the box makes it possible to discover the information on the origins used and also highlights the quality of the work of small producers who cultivate these wines in respect of local biodiversity. Recyclable metal boxes contain a complex combination of red fruit, apricot and liquorice notes.


- Box of 250g or €48/k

- Beans coffee

- Recyclable metal box


About Malongo :

Founded in Nice in 1934, Malongo specializes in the import, roasting and distribution of organic and fair trade coffee. It offers local, high-end coffees in various formats: ground, grains and paper doses.


Place of manufacture :

Fabrication Cafe Elysee