Le Bleuet de France x Cinabre Boutonniere

I'm wearing Bleuet de France from November 1st to 11th!

It was in the aftermath of the Great War that two nurses create the Bleuet de France, a citizen mobilization to help the wounded and mutilated in war.

This century-old initiative continues its journey and today helps veterans, war wounded, wards of the Nation as well as victims of terrorism.

Logo Bleuet de France

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Wear this linen buttonhole with elegance and refinement, mounted on a nickel pin.

The flower is made by hand in a “Haute Couture” workshop in Paris which perpetuates the know-how of artisanal flowers since Louis XV.

To design this cornflower, the Cinabre house was inspired by archive images of the Cornflower of France and field cornflowers, the only species of flower to grow on the battlefields of 14-18.

It will be delivered to you in a box to preserve it over time.

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Product Details
100% linen, copper and zinc pin
5 cm
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