Mug - Vive la République Vive la France x Pillivuyt

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Are you more of a coffee or tea person? Winter is here and it’s time to prepare for the cold. To help you along, we are proud to present a must-have piece of French savoir-faire: French porcelain dressed in the colours of the Tricolore.

Real French porcelain mug in the Tricolore colours.

Logo Pillivuyt

Decorated mug made from real French porcelain
Comes in a Présidence de la République presentation box
Volume: 300 ml
Height: 93 mm / Diameter: 78 mm
Made in France


About Pillivuyt

 Pillivuyt, a 200-year-old factory based in Berry, is one of the oldest and most prestigious French porcelain manufacturers.
Pillivuyt is a Living Heritage Company that is committed to a series of essential values: appreciation of French manufacturing and quality, development of exceptional artisanal and industrial savoir-faire, and promotion of the French concept of savoir-vivre.


Where it’s made

Fabrication Mug Elysee


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