Set of 6 Tricolor Candles

12,50 €

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With these blue, white and red candles made on ancestral machines of Vendée, your interior is illuminated with the colors of the Republic.


Logo Bougies La Française

Made in France on ancestral machines, these tinted candles in the mass are designed using traditional methods to ensure high quality.

These traditional candles certify an exceptional quality of burning, ensuring a combustion without risk of sagging.

Burn time: +/- 7h per candle
Composition: mineral wax
Label: Living Heritage Company
Made in France


Usage tips :

Place candles straight in appropriate candle holders and at a distance of 7 cm from each other. Light without leaving any matches left over. Be careful not to expose to drafts to avoid dripping waxes. Never leave a candle burning unattended. Keep away from anything that may catch fire. Keep away from children and pets.


About Bougie La Française :

Since 1902, the story of Bougies la Française is a family story, written under the sign of passion, immutable vocation dedicated to the product, the candle as a muse!

Cirier creator of shapes and atmospheres ... Alchemist of the light, candel perfumer, assembler of fragrances ... Storyteller of olfactory stories


Place of manufacture :


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