Pack of 3 Élysée Christmas baubles - 2019

20,75 €

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This year, your Christmas takes on the golden colors of the Republic.

Box of 3 golden Christmas baubles, marked with the seal of the Elysee and surmounted by a tricolor cord. Made in France by ESAT Caramantis by people with a disability.


Logo Caramantis

Selection of three magnificent Christmas baubles made by ESAT Caramantis.


About ESAT Caramantis

ESAT Caramantis, based in Carmaux, Tarn, and managed by ASEI, was created in 2014 through the merger of ESAT Ary France and ESAT Le Cérou.

People with a disability started making the Ary France Christmas baubles in 1970. ESAT Caramantis is the last French Christmas bauble manufacturer dedicated to design professionals.


Where it’s made

Fabrication Boules Noel élysée