Mug Devise - Degrenne X Élysée

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The 4 dessert plates (diameter 22cm) in Limoges porcelain highlight with a delicate "blue-white-red" border, like a crown, the desserts and wonders of French pastry. From Paris-Brest to Saint-Honoré, gourmet delights come to the Palais.

Logo Guy Degrenne

Degrenne has joined forces with Élysée to celebrate the art of hospitality and French gastronomy through a capsule collection of boxes made in France that will give each tasting moment a subtle and charming French touch


About Degrenne : 

Founded in 1948, Maison DEGRENNE is a great story of entrepreneurship driven by the dream of a passionate goldsmith. In our factory in Vire, in Normandy, stainless steel is shaped by expert hands, drawing on more than 70 years of know-how in the making of cutlery; and in our Limoges workshops, the delicate porcelain is modeled by passionate workers.

DEGRENNE proudly wears the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, which distinguishes companies that are emblematic of French artisanal and industrial excellence.


Place of manufacture :

Fabrication art de la table élysée