Elysée's store offers 100% made in France gift ideas that allow the presidential palace to live a second life 300 years after its construction.
All the profits from the shop go towards restoration projects.


Rénovation Palais Élysée 

Preserving France’s heritage

The Élysée is 300 years old. It is a site of collective memory, as well as being a space that evolves every day in synergy with the President and the 800 individuals who work at his side. It is our duty to preserve this piece of heritage, as it belongs to you. In other words, we need to renovate it. Work started in the summer of 2018. Initial work began in the summer of 2018 and continued with the restoration of the Hall of Festivities. But all of this costs money.


This is why the profits from selling these products will go towards funding this work.
So, as well as treating yourself or a loved one, you are helping to preserve a piece of cultural and historical heritage.


All the products you will find in this shop are made in France.



‘Made in France’ is more than just a label on a T-shirt. It’s about:


Encouraging the businesses that bring France to life.

Vosges, Bordeaux, Besançon, Hauts-de-France... our partners are scattered all over France. And a successful business brings its environment with it: its employees send their children to school in the area, restaurants and businesses open back up...


Creating jobs for French people.

Behind every product, there are the men and women who made it. Buying ‘Made in France’ rewards French talent and creates local jobs.


Promoting French savoir-faire.

France is a country of entrepreneurs and craftspeople. Monnaie de Paris is the oldest company in the world, LIP was created in 1887, Duralex in 1944... ‘Made in France’ is about more than just quality. It’s about traditions passed down from generation to generation.


Our regions, our savoir-faire

For these reasons and many more, we are proud to work side-by-side with Saint James, Le Slip français, OMY, La Monnaie de Paris, La Documentation française, BIC, Le Sac Citoyen, Dejean Marine, La Maison du Carnet, l'Atelier Paulin, LIP, Léon Flam, Pillivuyt, Pierre Hermé, Duralex, Saint James, Obut, Maroquinor, Louis Sicard, Tissage de Luz...



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