The Élysée Store offers over 200 gift ideas, all of which are made in France, to contribute to the restoration, enhancement, and accessibility of the Presidential Palace, which was built 300 years ago.

Promoting the Heritage of the French Republic

Our 300-years-old Presidential Palace is a place of collective memory that operates daily according to the President of the Republic and the 800 staff members who work alongside him. Our aim is to protect and maintain this heritage, which belongs to all of us, and to promote its accessibility to the widest possible audience during the European Heritage Days and by making use of digital tools.

That's why the income generated from our product sales helps finance the restoration of the palace and of any activities that present it to the public in its finest form.

By treating yourself to our products, you're not only indulging yourself but also contributing to the preservation of a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Promoting "Made in France" products

At the request of the President of the French Republic, this store features products designed and manufactured in France, using the highest standards of local expertise. 

Buying "Made in France" means choosing high quality products but much more than that, it means:

Encouraging companies that revitalize French regions.

Recognizing local talent and supporting local employment.

Highlighting the excellence of French know-how in many different fields, as well as the passing down of traditions from one generation to another.

Our regions, our know-how

For all the reasons mentioned above, and many more, we take great pride in collaborating closely with :