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From the familiar regional specialties that the Grandmothers already used, to the latest innovations that revive the dynamics of neglected areas, (re) discover the products of the Great Exhibition...

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You might have seen this photograph at your town hall: this is the official portrait of the Président de la République, Emmanuel Macron. Now you can have your own copy of this historic document!...

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Set of 6 Palais de l’Élysée postcards: - Palais entrance- Hall of Honour- Parc de l’Élysée- Golden Room, the President’s office- Grille du Coq (‘Cockerel Gate’)- Némo, the President’s dog .

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You might have seen these photos on the walls of French town halls and schools. The official portraits of France’s presidents are now available as postcards. .

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You might have seen these photos on the walls of French town halls and schools. Now they can hang on your walls at home. Buy the official portraits of the Presidents of the 5th French Republic. .

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Delicately carved in paper, this trombone bookmark representing the bundle of the lictor, emblem of the Presidency of the Republic, will accompany you in reading your favorite novels.

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Armed with your favourite colouring pencils, explore the corridors of the Palais de l’Élysée and discover the history of French republican symbols. Perfect for young and old!  Giant colour-in...

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This BIC® pen has left its mark on history, signing international agreements and writing legendary speeches, and has now been dressed in the colours of the Élysée.  BIC® 4-colour pen with the...

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