We work with artisans all over France to offer you the best products that represent French excellence and savoir-faire.

32,50 €

Winter may be coming, but there’s no reason to stop showing your patriotism, thanks to this 100% wool Tricolore hat. It makes the perfect companion to the ELYSEE SCARF. .

120,83 €

An exception to the rule: Saint James Breton jumpers are usually just blue, but this 100% wool version also features the white and red of the French flag to keep you warm all winter. .

49,17 €

Protect your little sailors from the cold with this Saint James Tricolore Breton jumper, made from 50% wool and 50% acrylic. .

82,50 €

Do you know Némo? Not your favourite cartoon fish... We mean Mr. and Mrs. Macron’s much-loved dog, and now your newest soft toy! . The couple adopted Némo from SPA, the French society for the...

3,33 €

This BIC® pen has left its mark on history, signing international agreements and writing legendary speeches, and has now been dressed in the colours of the Élysée.  BIC® 4-colour pen with the...

7,42 €

Certified made in France... all the way down to your keys! .

8,25 €

Round Présidence de la République keyring, with the French emblem on the obverse and the Palais de l’Élysée on the reverse. .

74,17 €

Take a little piece of France everywhere with you in your pocket with the Léon Flam x Élysée red, white and blue card holder, made in Berry, France.   .

8,33 €

This winter, you can bring the Élysée into your home, thanks to this souvenir snow globe! .

12,50 €

With these blue, white and red candles made on ancestral machines of Vendée, your interior is illuminated with the colors of the Republic. .

33,25 €

Freedom, Equality, Fraternity. For us, these words were already bright. On these candles fresh and elegant scent, they are now in the true sense of the word. .

5,00 €

Your next holiday postcards will send your recipients backstage at the Élysée renovations with these 4 collector stamps.

15,75 €

Did you know ? Every five years his Marianne. This one is committed. She was born under the pencil of the artist Yseult "YZ" DIGAN and she embodies our era.

9,92 €

Did you know ? Every five years his Marianne. This one is committed. She was born under the pencil of the artist Yseult "YZ" DIGAN and she embodies our era.

107,50 €

You sang, danced and dreamed in front of "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"? The film becomes reality: get yourself The true Cherbourg umbrella handmade in the Cherbourg Manufacture. Embroidered with the...

11,58 €

Marseille soap is no longer present. Many of you already know its quality and respect for the environment. We give you the opportunity to rediscover it while participating in the restoration of our...

29,08 €

Cock-a-doodle Doo !!! The little wooden rooster to walk - symbol of France - was born in the Jura workshops of Vilac. This toy in lacquered wood and felt is an essential awakening toy in the colors...

45,75 €

While playing pétanque, your children can play bowling with this tricolor beech wood game made for them! .

16,67 €

The LIP x Elysée watch is already attached to your wrist but the bracelet has worn out over time. Do not panic: just change it and save money (for you and the planet). .

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